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Dream Wedding On A Budget

RRP $17.99

It's a special day and you want it to be everything you've ever dreamed about. It can be! No matter how small your budget is, there are ways to maximize your budget and make it go farther than you ever thought it could. You can have that Cinderalla-type of wedding without going in debt and breaking your budget. What you will find in this book: - Where to find a gown - Saving big on flowers - Finding a low-cost photographer - Fun party favors for your guests - Feeding a crowd for little money - Unique gifts for your wedding party - And so much more!

Budget Wedding Tips Journal (decor)

RRP $12.99

Wedding tips journal. Used to jot down all your wedding ideas, attach fabric swatches, vendor contact information. Keep this journal as a keepsake to remember your wedding adventure after your special day.

A Banquet On A Budget

RRP $22.99

Catering for any large scale celebration can be daunting. Where will you hold the event? How much food will you need? When should you start the preparation? This book passes on the secrets of the trade to ensure that the preparation goes smoothly and that the food is just as good as the professionals can offer.

It includes a master checklist for the preparations with general advice on choosing the food and drinks, buying in ready-made items, estimating quantities, hiring staff and equipment and other practical considerations. There are five complete menus and drinks suggestions for each type of event: a drinks party with canap s, a fork buffet, a finger buffet and a sit-down meal, with guests varying in number from twenty to sixty. Menus include full preparation plans and recipes. In total there are 120 plus recipes, some with variations.

About the Authors

Judy Ridgway is a food and wine writer with more than 60 books to her name, including Running Your own Catering Company, Running Your own Wine Bar and Wining and Dining at Home. She also co-wrote The Catering Management Handbook with her brother Brian Ridgway, who at that time was Operations Director of the Thistle Group of hotels.

Before becoming a journalist and author, Judy ran a small catering company in central London called London Cooks Ltd. Parties of all kinds, including weddings and anniversaries, featured prominently in the work of the company and her experiences at that time have contributed greatly to the writing of A Banquet on a Budget.

Wedding Planning Guide

RRP $12.99

The Big Day - A person's wedding is the most important day of their lives, for in that day two souls join as one. That is the one day that gives two persons the Totality, Independence, and the All-Encompassing Righto stay permanently with each other, forever. It is the one day of beautiful and most powerful magic that blesses and binds two unique souls in holy matrimony from that day till the end of time. Your wedding day should be the most joyous day of your life. It is a big event that marks the start of your lives together; and to make it a memorable one, Proper Planning, Budgeting, Organizing, Backup Plans and a strong team for effective Execution are of critical importance in ensuring everything works. Everything starts with Wedding Planning. So what's Wedding Planning? This book is all about Wedding Planning; an all-encompassing concept and essentially it simply means that you plan for everything that should occur on your wedding day and you also plan to prevent everything that should not occur. On top of that you should also plan to mitigate if undesirable things do happen on that day. There are many factors to consider, from the concept or theme of your wedding to the guests to be invited and so on, and each of these play its own unique role in making sure the overall event turns out as desired. This book will help you to know all the necessary things you need to know to have a successful wedding of your dreams.

Vegetarian On A Budget

RRP $16.99

Vegetables are nature's biggest blessing on mankind and possess innumerable benefits. Here are a few of these discussed briefly. a.Vegetables can be consumed orally for health benefits. b.They can be applied externally for beautification. c.They can be blended into a liquid or any other form without losing their nutritional benefits. d.They are a good source of all important nutrients that are essential for health and well-being. e.They are also a staple food which gives the feeling of being "full" and satisfied. f.And lots more! Vegetables are the only foods that can be consumed in the raw form as well as cooked into a number of dishes. If you are looking for recipes to incorporate vegetables into your daily routine, the following pages will help you get this job done! Contained in the following pages are fifty vegetable recipes to help you get some veggies in your life. Keep reading to begin the journey towards a healthier you!


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