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The Unseen Bridegroom; Or, Wedded For A Week

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A dark November afternoon-wet, and windy, and wild. The New York streets were at their worst-sloppy, slippery, and sodden; the sky lowering over those murky streets one uniform pall of inky gloom. A bad, desolate, blood-chilling November afternoon. And yet Mrs. Walraven's ball was to come off to-night, and it was rather hard upon Mrs. Walraven that the elements should make a dead set at her after this fashion. The ball was to be one of the most brilliant affairs of the season, and all Fifth Avenue was to be there in its glory. Fifth Avenue was above caring for anything so commonplace as the weather, of course; but still it would have been pleasanter, and only a handsome thing in the clerk of the weather, considering Mrs. Walraven had not given a ball for twenty years before, to have burnished up the sun, and brushed away the clouds, and shut up that icy army of winter winds, and turned out as neat an article of weather as it is possible in the nature of November to turn out.

A Bride For The Runaway Groom

RRP $17.99

A Bride for the Runaway Groom Elusive millionaire Will Carter has been almost-married four times - so who better to help Rose Huntingdon-Cross organise a wedding? But, as a heart-stopping attraction grows between them, Rose can't help wishing she could be lucky number five! My Fair Fortune Tycoon PR consultant Brodie Fortune Hayes is known as a man of no mercy. Turning his focus to rejuvenating a theme park should be no problem...There's just one complication: his irresistible new boss, Caitlyn Moore!

How To Start A Pet Grooming Business In 7 Days

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Imagine Starting a Pet Grooming Business that Generates $1000 Want to make in the Dog Grooming Business? Tired of being told it's easy to generate thousands as a Dog Groomer or Pet Groomer? Looking for a REALISTIC strategy that really works? It is possible to create an income in a Pet Grooming Service, Mobile Pet Grooming Business, and Doggy Day-care. The Problem is? You can't do it overnight. The secrets of starting a Successful Pet Grooming Company are to start small and scale up your business. Follow the 9 Step Easy Plan for Starting Your Home-Based Dog Grooming Business. In the guide "HOW TO START A PET GROOMING BUSINESS IN 7 DAYS," you'll get a 9-step plan for building a profitable Mobile Dog Grooming Service. You'll learn how to: The Best Home-Based Business How to Get Your Business License The Best Home-Based Business The Best Way to Market Your Business The Cheapest Way to Get Customers You Only Need a Pen, Paper and One Hour How to make your flyers Door Hangers the fast, easy way to success The best way to manage your income Would You Like To Know More? Get started running your Successful Pet Grooming Business right away. Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button' now. Tags: Dog Grooming Books, Pet Grooming Books, Mobile Pet Grooming Books, Pet Grooming Business, Pet Grooming Service, Pet Grooming Company, Dog Grooming Business, Dog Grooming Service, Dog Grooming Company, Doggy Day-care business, doggy day-care service, doggy day-care company, pet setting business, pet setting service, dog walking business, dog walking service, pet care business, pet care service


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