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A Spiritual Canticle Of The Soul And The Bridegroom Christ

RRP $44.99

In A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ, St. John states: "I do not purpose here to set forth all that greatness and fullness the spirit of love, which is fruitful, embodies in it. Yes, rather it would be foolishness to think that the language of love and the mystical intelligence - and that is what these stanzas are - can be at all explained in words of any kind, for the Spirit of our Lord who helps our weakness."

The Fastest Way To Start A Successful Pet Grooming Business!

RRP $13.99

Do you want to be your own boss and start one of the most simple, easy and profitable home-based businesses out there today? Would you believe me if I told you I could show you how to easily start an Pet Grooming Business, get new clients quickly but cheaply and make a great full time living with a part-time. I'm here to tell you that anybody can do it. My name is Bernard Savage and together with several other successful Business owners we have come up with the answer to your question. What is the fastest way to start and run a successful Pet Grooming Business starting with no money? Simply having a business plan to start and run a Pet Grooming Business is not enough. Just because someone told you how they run their Pet Grooming Business doesn't mean yours will be a success. What can you do to ensure that you get enough new clients, maintain a professional business appearance and beat your competition? The real trick is knowing how to get new clients fast, manage those clients and charging them the right price. It's in knowing how to get your current clients to work for you and help you get new clients. With the help of proven Pet Grooming Business owners we have developed the ultimate system that gets unbelievable results. When you use these proven techniques, you get clients and make a ton of money. In order to help you start and thrive with your Pet Grooming Business we put together an all-inclusive easy money making system that give you everything you need to make your Pet Grooming Business a giant success. Lean surprising inside secrets of running a successful pet grooming business starting with no money, earning $60 to $300 per hour. Whether you want to start a pet grooming business, a pet sitting service or something in between. This system will give you everything you need to start making $1000.00 per week in the next 30 days!

A Groom For The Taking

RRP $17.99

The Wedding Date by Ally Blake When PA Hannah heads back to Tasmania for her sister's wedding, gorgeous TV presenter Bradley joins her to scout a new shooting location. But with flowing mojitos, will these two go-getters be able to stay professional? To Catch a Groom by Rebecca Winters Greer inherited her money with a condition attached: she must use it to find a husband! So when Greer spends it on a holiday to the Italian Riviera instead, the last thing she expects is to catch a groom - especially not Italian aristocrat, Max di Varano...Wedding Date with the Best Man by Melissa McClone Tristan MacGregor knows that gorgeous Jayne Cavendish is off-limits - she's engaged to his best friend! But when their engagement falls apart, Tristan knows that the fun-loving girl he fell for is still there...and he's just the man to save her!


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Wedding Planning Wedding Budget Weddings White Wedding
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