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HOT Wedding Table Centrepiece Ideas

Wedding Table Centrepieces & DecorationsFlowers

Floral arrangements are the most common and traditional of wedding centrepiece options. They can vary from small exotic arrangements to large sensational sculptured works of art. Flowers are a wonderful choice for wedding centrepieces as they are elegant and naturally beautiful. With unlimited varieties of colour and magnificent fragrances, flowers are the most popular choice for wedding table centrepieces as there is a perfect flower to compliment any wedding theme, style and season.

Beach Weddings

Summer is an amazing time for a wedding and weddings by the water are just magical. Decorate your wedding tables with a myriad of beach inspired items usually seen at the beach, such as palm tree fronds, sea shell chocolates, coconuts, messages in bottles, crustaceans, starfish, boats, beach chairs, coloured sand, bucket and shovel sets filled with sand and real sea shells. Another great idea is to decorate your tables with large pillar candles that have sea shells embedded in the wax. Then place the candles in a flat, low dish with some sand in the bottom.

Think clear round glass vases filled halfway with water tinted with blue food colouring for an ocean effect. Then buy some plastic fish and drop them in to complete the sea theme. Or if you want the real deal, glass vases filled with live gold fish will definitely surprise your wedding guests when they arrive.

Antique Vases

Adorned with flowers, antique vases will add a unique, old world charm to your wedding. With the enormous popularity of vintage inspired gowns, antique vases will compliment your look perfectly. Take the time to visit antique shops and vintage markets to find beautiful authentic antique vases of yesteryear.

Planted flowers

Gerberas, daisies or tulips planted in terracotta pots will flower for at least at week or two and coupled with ribbons, beads or other decorations that compliment your wedding colours, you just can’t go wrong.

If you want the wedding centrepiece to double as bombonieres, consider using small potted plants as centrepieces that also act as the place card holders. After the reception, your wedding guests can take their plant home as a beautiful memento of your special day. This type of wedding decoration works really well with garden weddings.

Potted Plants

Having a contemporary minimalist wedding? Group together some mini-cacti or succulents such as Agaves for a simplistic yet stylishly modern and memorable centrepiece. If you’re having an Asian-themed wedding, go for twisted columns of lucky bamboo set in a clear glass vase or white porcelain container with small white pebbles.


Lighting is key; so light up the entire room with candles to create the perfect romantic atmosphere. Candles are an inexpensive way to create a beautiful mood for a wedding reception. When the lights are down low, candles emanate a warm glow throughout the entire room. Pillar candles of varying heights can be elegant and sophisticated, whilst tapered candles in beautiful glass holders will create the perfect formal look. Consider candle holders shaped like a precious goblets for a vintage wedding or candles shaped as flowers for a garden wedding. It’s a good idea to be particular when it comes to selecting candles for your wedding as they will definitely capture every wedding guest’s attention.

Glass Bowls

A crystal bowl filled with rose petals floating in water makes for a wonderful wedding centrepiece. To top it off, consider adding glass bubbles and floating candles for an evening wedding reception.

Sugar Please!

For a less formal wedding, an impressive candy bowl centrepiece will definitely tantalise those guests with a sweet tooth. Attractive glass fluted bowls or oversized goblets filled with anything sweet such as individually wrapped rocky roads, farer rockers, jelly babies or M&Ms and finished off with a plain coloured satin ribbon around the edge, will definitely do the trick.

Fruit loop

Fruit is another trendy wedding centrepieces design right now. Consider arrangements of tropical fruits such as star fruit, pomegranates cut in half, melons and citrus for a lovely brightly coloured summer wedding centrepiece. Fruit can be submerged in water or can act as fillers for flowers. Purchase some red apples, arrange them onto the end of a thin wooden skewer, and place them into floral foam. Add some beautiful red roses; you have a unique and fragrant centrepiece. Alternatively, submerge lemons or oranges, either whole or cut into a glass vase of water for a great urban look.

Not Into Flowers

Consider using unusual things such as peacock feathers, glass vases full of beach sand or large shiny pebbles sitting in square glass containers; simply arranged, they will look chic.

Sparkling Silver

Delicate branches or driftwood sprayed with metallic silver spray paint and arranged in tall flute glass vases with a few strategically placed tea lights will create the perfect winter wedding table centrepiece.

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